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Pilates During And After Pregnancy
Many women want to continue to exercise during pregnancy, but are concerned that physical exertion could cause harm to their unborn baby and indeed themselves.
Why You Are Never Too Old To Try Pilates
Pilates for later life - why you are never too old to benefit from Pilates
Alexander Technique And Pilates
Many of those who are drawn to the health benefits of practising pilates are also interested in the Alexander Technique and there's little doubt that your mind and body can benefit from both.
Lincoln County Hospital To Continue Free Pilates Classes For Breast Cancer Sufferers Thanks To £3,640 Donation
A donation of £3,640 means Lincoln's County Hospital will continue to provide free pilates classes to those suffering and recovering from breast cancer for another year.
Pilates For Men
Think pilates is just for women? Think again! Pilates is becoming increasingly popular among men. Here's why.
Sydney Symphony Orchestra's musicians turn to pilates to help prevent and recover from injury
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has recently added pilates to yoga and Alexander technique classes to ensure that its musicians are in the best of health to perform what are very demanding schedules.
Professional footballers do Pilates! And so should you!
Cristiano Ronaldo does it. Gareth Bale does it. Harry Kane does it. Ryan Giggs does it, and credited it for helping to extend his career as a top-flight footballer. Now Portsmouth's Andy Barcham is the latest professional footballer to discover the benefits of pilates for men.
Polestar Pilates Scoliosis And Shoulder Pathology Workshops with Galina Bell
When: Sunday, 12th October 2014
Where: Moss Pilates Studios, Shoreditch, EC2
Who can attend: Pilates instructors and movement practitioners who are interested in improving their shoulder pathology knowledge.
Workshop Cost: £80 for one £150 for both

Inside a Pilates Studio
You will absolutely love your first visit to a pilates studio!
Harry Styles is latest celebrity convert to Pilates!
One Direction's Harry Styles is the latest in a long line of celebrities to discover the benefits of pilates.
New Amersham pilates studio welcomes new mums and mums to be!
“Beautiful beams, energising high ceilings, homely carpeted floor, Winter heating, Summer air con, ambient atmosphere, a real treat - and the perfect environment to lose yourself in a Pilates class!”
New to pilates?
Pilates is a complete exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates over the course of a lifetime dedicated to improving physical and mental health.
Ten Reasons To Try Pilates Today!
Here are ten reasons why you should try pilates today!
Is Pilates The Same As Yoga?
Some people think pilates and yoga are basically the same, but in practice they each offer a distinct exercise regime
Is pilates really for men? Ask boxing champ, Amir Khan
More and more men are discovering the benefits of pilates. And that includes boxing stars like Amir Khan.

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