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No need for a big sell. Our name says it all. Since 2006, it has been THE web address for all things pilates in the UK. And it's a name we are happy to share with you.

To be listed as a pilates studio or a pilates teacher in the Directory costs just £49.95 for 12 months, less than a pound a week.

Even better, we offer you a 90 day free trial - so you get 15 months for the price of 12! After your trial ends, you will be charged £49.95 per year (cancel at any time including during the trial).

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"As an Instructor, being on has been invaluable to my business. Since registering I have phone calls weekly regarding my classes and 65% of my participants have directly resulted from advertising on the website. It is the best money I have spent on advertising."
Rachel, Nuneaton
To be listed as a pilates studio or a pilates teacher in our Pilates Directory costs just £49.95 for 12 months, less than a pound a week. What's more, sign up now and enjoy a free 90 day trial!

Please don't confuse price with value for money. is more than a business to us. It is a passion: a passion for sharing the teachings of Joseph Pilates as widely as possible in the UK. And the simple truth is, we don't have to line our pockets at your expense to share that passion. Hence the incredible value we offer to studio owners and pilates teachers year in, year out.

And the catch? Well, if there is one, it's this. The Pilates Directory only contains details of studios, teachers and instructors who meet or surpass the UK national standard for Pilates that was introduced in August, 2005. So, if you don't meet or surpass the standard set by CIMSPA (formerly the Register of Exercise Professionals or REPs) as a Pilates Teacher, we can't include you in the Pilates Directory at any price.

"No better place to advertise, I get most of my clients through or through word of mouth."
Annette, Trowbridge
"Thank you for your fantastic website. It has proven very successful for me and I have a constant flow of people contacting me about Pilates."
Lindy, East Grinstead