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Pilates DVDs, mats, books, equipment and more. Whatever you're looking for it will be in our Pilates Shop - and we have some great special offers too thanks to our partnership with Amazon!

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Gold's Gym Pilates Mat
The Gold's Gym sticky mat is perfect for pilates mat classes. Its generous length of 172cm (67") enables full body extensions and its sticky surface ensures a better grip and balance. more

Perfect Pilates Bum DVD
Pippa Middleton's "rear of the year" almost stole the show at the Royal Wedding - thanks to pilates! And now Pippa's pilates instructor, Margot Campbell, lets you in on the secret to achieving the perfect pilates bum! Includes a series of exercises designed to concentrate directly on the bum, focusing on working the glut muscles, and the surrounding area to help lift and improve the tone and shape of your bum.more

Pilates Bible book
The Pilates Bible - the most comprehensive guide to mat work pilates ever! Drawing on the latest medical research and fully illustrated, it allows you to progress safely at your own pace through Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. There are also special sections on pilates for new mothers and people suffering from osteoarthritis, back pain and knee injuries. more

Pilates For Life book by Lynne Robinson
Pilates for Life by Lynne Robinson is the ideal guide to Pilates for anyone over 40. In addition to providing clear information and step-by-step instructions for a specially tailored workout, there are also sections on how specially developed exercises can help with a number of conditions. From gentle exercises suitable for recovering from a hip replacement to coping strategies for the symptoms of Parkinson's, this is in depth and carefully researched guide is essential reading. more

Pilates For Men Book
Pilates for Men: The Total Solution for Strength, Flexibility and Power is a comprehensive regimen that combines core conditioning, muscle strengthening, flexibility and produces faster results just for men. more