Harry Styles is latest celebrity convert to Pilates!

One Direction's Harry Styles is the latest in a long line of celebrities to discover the benefits of pilates.

The 22 year old singer had been suffering from back pain when an osteopath recommended he try pilates.

In 2013, Harry revealed he had tried yoga in a bid to help with his back problems which were caused by him slouching to compensate for one of his legs being slightly longer than the other.

He then switched to pilates and hasn't looked back.

A source close to 1D's Hary Styles, quoted in the Daily Mirror, said: “It’s really had a huge impact on his stature and he stands much straighter. He seems to stand an inch taller now. He was amazed at the results. If he hadn’t done anything about it, the slouch could have got worse over time but the pilates classes really do seem to be helping.”

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